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High Frequency methods and traveling wave antennas

This course cover two topics of about 10 hours of lectures each plus exercises, all concentrated in a week. The first part cover the basic issue concerning with the fundamentals of high-frequency techniques; the second part is concerned with travelling wave antennas and basic leaky wave phenomena.

High-frequency techniques
  • 1. Introduction on fundamentals - Equivalence principle, PO and Kirchhoff aperture radiation - Non uniform asymptotics - Space domain and spectral diffraction integrals- GO+diffraction, PO+fringe.
  • 2. Uniform asymptotic evaluation of radiation and scattering integrals.
  • 2.1 Single variable diffraction integrals- interacting (saddle-point) - pole (wedge problem - spectral domain) - interacting (saddle-point) - end point (wedge problem-spatial domain)- interacting (saddle-point) - branch point (Sommerfeld problem) - three collinear saddle points (curved face).
  • 2.2 Double variable diffraction integrals- saddle point 2D/partial derivative saddle points - saddle points and poles.
  • 3. Uniform theory of diffraction - Edge problem- Double edge- Corner problem - Curved surfaces.
  • 4. Incremental diffraction theories- PTD and ILDC- Incremental theory of diffraction (ITD) - impedance BC and generalized impedance BC.
  • 5. Truncated Floquet Wave (FW) diffraction theory - Semi-infinite array- Corner array - multilayer environment .
Travelling wave antennas
General features and applications. Fields of a traveling-wave source, leaky waves in open structures. Characterization of traveling-wave antennas: determination of the phase and attenuation constants, relation to the radiation properties. Mechanisms employed to produce leakage: apertures, asymmetries, use of suitable modes. Scanning behavior, phased arrays of leaky-wave line sources, unit-cell approach. Transverse-equivalent networks, aperture admittance, transverse-resonance technique. Radiation-pattern shaping, aperture distribution: tapering procedures for leaky-wave antennas. Example of practical antennas: partially-open metallic waveguides, dielectric structures, printed lines. Feed, losses, manufacture issues. Measurement techniques.

    S. Maci -
    F. Frezza -
Location: UNISI - Siena / Sapienza - Rome
Date: 21/02/2005 - 26/02/2005
Contact Person: Stefano Maci
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File HighFrequencyTecniques_ExamPart1.pdf   (167 kB)
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