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Education - European School of Antennas
The European School of Antennas (EuSoA) is a new model of a geographically distributed school on Antennas for post-graduate and PhD students. The school is funded by the European Union within the Sixth Framework Programme and it is integrated in a Network of Excellence named Antenna Center of Excellence (ACE)

The school is composed by 12 short courses  having a common format. The course on the EBG is organized jointly with the Network of Excellence "Metamorphose", which is concerned with metamaterials.

The courses are mainly intended for PhD students and Post Doc with a background in Electromagnetics, but they are open to whoever may be interested. Each course is held during a single week. The format is typically 20-25 hours of lectures with 10-20 hours of additional activities. Each course should give 1.5-2 ECTS credits, up to 4 credits in the event of extended homework assignments.

A description of each course is given below.
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All Courses
Items in this section:
Folder COMPLETED : The Method of Moments: From Basics to Large-Scale Applications 16/09/2004 - 17/09/2004
The aim of the School was to provide attendees with a working knowledge of MoM, and enough information to understand the basics of its recent extensions to large-scale problems. It is stressed that lectures will focus on teaching fundamentals, and will not be a conference-style presentation of the latest research achievements.
Folder COMPLETED : High Frequency methods and traveling wave antennas
21/02/2005 - 26/02/2005
This course cover two topics of about 10 hours of lectures each plus exercises, all concentrated in a week. The first part cover the basic issue concerning with the fundamentals of high-frequency techniques; the second part is concerned with travelling wave antennas and basic leaky wave phenomena. Responsibles: S. Maci - ; F. Frezza -;
Folder COMPLETED : Phased arrays and reflectarrays
11/04/2005 - 15/04/2005
The course, which will be given by speakers belonging to key players in this field both in the industrial and academic environment, will be articulated over five days. The first three days of lectures will be concerned about phased array, and the next two about reflectarrays.
Folder COMPLETED : Artificial EBG surfaces and metamaterials for antennas
18/04/2005 - 22/04/2005
Artificial EBG surfaces and metamaterials for antennas In recent years there has been a lot of attention to using periodic structures in antenna design. These structures are nowadays referred to as photonic or electromagnetic bandgap structures or simply by their acronyms PBG or EBG structures.
Folder COMPLETED : Design and analysis of large reflector antennas and lens antennas 09/05/2005 - 13/05/2005
The course will cover the analysis and the design of large reflector antennas, dielectric lens antennas and high-frequency methods applied to large reflector antenna problems
Folder COMPLETED : Microwave and millimeter wave antenna design
16/05/2005 - 20/05/2005
The course is divided into two main parts. The first one is devoted to the general description and design of microstrip antennas used in microwave and millimeter wave bands. The second part addresses more specifically the millimeter wave antennas and their design.
Folder COMPLETED : Antenna measurements at submm-wavelengths
23/05/2005 - 27/05/2005
This short course discusses the techniques and limitations of the various test methods, and introduces the participants to the hologram-based CATR and near-field scanning also by laboratory demonstrations/exercises.
Folder COMPLETED : Compact antennas
06/06/2005 - 10/06/2005
The course deals with the modeling and design principles of small antennas for communications in mobile environments with emphasis on wideband, multiband and multi-element antenna geometries. The course includes the theoretical background, design principles, implementation aspects and measurement methods.
Folder COMPLETED : Antenna measurements
20/06/2005 - 24/06/2005
The course introduces to the problematic of antenna measurement. It describes several antenna measurement systems like open fields and anechoic chambers with: spherical (including Fresnel zone), cylindrical and planar near field measurements and compact range systems.
Folder COMPLETED : MIMO Communication systems and antennas
05/09/2005 - 09/09/2005
This course deals with MIMO communication systems in terms of signal processing and resource allocation and antennas for such systems, in particular small antennas for MIMO terminals. The course will feature lectures as well as computer exercises and real-world hands-on laboratories.
Folder COMPLETED : Antennas for new systems of mobile communications
14/09/2005 - 17/09/2005
The course will provide an overview on: GSM, UMTS, WLAN, WI-max Systems; Antennas for Base Stations; Antennas for user terminals.
Folder COMPLETED : Computational EM for antenna analysis
19/09/2005 - 23/09/2005
The course introduces to the computational EM for antennas analysis, and presents some advanced techniques for explicit use in antenna analysis. It includes a review of MoM fundamentals, higher order basis function methods, high-density mesh problems, fast methods, Multi-resolution methods.
Folder COMPLETED : Analysis of planar and conformal antennas
27/02/2006 - 03/03/2006
This course will first cover the theoretical aspect of the analysis and design of planar and conformal antennas. The first half of the course will cover moment method analysis of microstrip patch antennas on planar grounded substrates. The second half will cover analysis methods for antennas embedded in multilayer structures of planar, circular cylindrical and spherical types. Responsibles: J. Mosig - ; P-S Kildal -
Folder COMPLETED : Antennas for Space Applications
27/03/2006 - 31/03/2006
The aim of the course is to give an overview of design approaches, constraints and technical solutions for Space Antennas, addressing both theoretical and technological issues. The course will focus on main space applications such as telecommunication, earth observation and science but will also address other uses of antennas for space. The lectures will cover radiofrequency, mechanical and thermal design, material technology and test aspects, ending with a visit to ESTEC satellite and antenna test facilities.
Folder COMPLETED : Ultra Wideband Antennas
03/04/2006 - 07/04/2006
The topics adressed are Ultrawideband (UWB) system aspects with a special focus on ultra wideband antennas. This includes the characterization and the design of a large variety of UWB antennas. The course embeds the antennas in state of the art UWB systems for communication applications including transmitter and receiver structures as well as radar sensors and systems.
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