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Compact antennas

The course deals with the modeling and design principles of small antennas for communications in mobile environments with emphasis on wideband, multiband and multi-element antenna geometries. The course includes the theoretical background, design principles, implementation aspects and measurement methods.

The course will first cover the theoretical aspect of the analysis and design of patch and compact antennas.

  • The basic and the most successful models will be presented and studied. The main numerical techniques will also be described.
  • The fundamental radiation principles and limits will be presented and discussed. As a special case the principles of the fractal geometries and its application to the design of miniaturized devices as: fractal shapes, fractal loading and self-complementary fractal antennas, superconductive resonators and filters.
In the second part, design algorithms and practical technologies and applications will be discussed. The previous analytical methods will be used to design compact antennas for particular applications:
  • The students will design antennas, with different software tools and asses their directivity, efficiency, and diversity performance with both experimental and computational methods.
  • Some prototypes will be designed, implemented and measured, to check the validity of the methodology. This will also allow us to go into the particular problems linked to terminal antenna measurement.
Location: UPC - Barcelona
Date: 06/06/2005 - 10/06/2005
Contact Person: Lluís Jofre
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