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Antenna measurements at submm-wavelengths

Testing of large (high-gain) antennas
at submillimetre wavelengths is a formidable task. The classical far-field
method does not work in the Earth's atmosphere because the atmospheric loss is
too high - for this very reason we must launch the future scientific telescopes
to space outside the atmosphere. The near-field scanning method has been used
with some success up to 650 GHz. The applied near-field methods give useful
information only on the main beam and its vicinity, because the field-sampling
is typically very sparse. Reflector-based compact antenna test range (CATR)
measurements have been carried out up to 500 GHz. Recently, also hologram-based
CATR measurements have been carried at 322 GHz. This short course discusses the
techniques and limitations of the various test methods, and introduces the
participants to the hologram-based CATR and near-field scanning also by
laboratory demonstrations/exercises. 

The participants have a choice to study a related specific topic prior to the short course, write a brief report and present that to other participants during the course.

The lectures include the following: introduction, submm-wave instrumentation, near-field scanning, near field to far field transformation, compact antenna test range (CATR), CATR based on reflectors, CATR based on a lens, CATR based on a hologram, site definition, hologram design, hologram fabrication, construction of a hologram based CATR, quiet-zone testing, antenna testing in a hologram based CATR, analysis of measurement results, future developments. 

The laboratory demonstrations (excercises) include the following:
- measurement of a horn antenna
- scanning of near field or quiet zone field
- antenna measurement in a hologram CATR
- elimination of disturbing scatterer effect in a CATR

Location: TKK (Helsinki University of Technology)
Date: 23/05/2005 - 27/05/2005
Contact Person: Antti Räisänen
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