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Phased arrays and reflectarrays
The course, which will be given by speakers belonging to key players in this field both in the industrial and academic environment, will be articulated over five days. The first three days of lectures will be concerned about phased array, and the next two about reflectarrays. The lectures about phased arrays will offer to the attendees both the basics of the array analysis and design and a wide panoramic of both systems under production and new generation of systems presented directly by some of the largest companies in Europe. Several fields of applications will be reviewed during the course, ranging from advanced arrays for space applications to complex radar systems for military and civil applications. The most advanced EM modelling techniques for such complex problems will also be presented highlighting the connection to the real problems and real systems that antenna engineers have to face in their "everyday" working environment. The last two days will be concerned with basic theory, applications and new trends in reflectarray antennas. Basic theory for the analysis and design of reflectarrays will be presented, with special emphasis on the method of moments applied to the analysis of periodic and truncated periodic structures in a multilayer environment. Two classical implementation of phase-shifters will be considered: (1) adjustment of dimensions in rectangular patches in single and stacked configurations, and (2) microstrip stubs of different length aperture-coupled to the radiating patches. The control of phase-shift at each element allows a simple realization of contoured beam and multi-beam antennas easier to manufacture than shaped reflectors. Lectures will be presented for the treatment of beam reconfigurability implemented by adding switches or varactors at element or subarray level, but with lower degree of complexity than in phased arrays. Lecturers will also concerned with synthesis techniques for contoured beam and multi-beam reflectarrays and active reflectarrays. Theoretical and experimental results will be presented for some representative applications, as satellite DBS antennas and LMDS base station antennas.
Location: TNO - Den Haag, The Netherlands
Date: 11/04/2005 - 15/04/2005
Contact Person: Giampiero Gerini
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