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Computational EM for antenna analysis
  • Review of MoM fundamentals. G.Vecchi;
    • Surface Integral Equation formulation
    • MoM as weighted residuals
    • div-conforming bases, low order (RWG and rooftop); implementation details
    • Source modeling basics (voltage gap)
    • Extension to stratified media
    • Review of existing convergence results
    • Roadmap to advanced topics
  • Higher order basis function methods. R.Graglia, R. Mittra, G. Vecchi, S.Maci
    • Higher-order polynomial functions
    • Aggregate functions: strategy, implementations
  • High-density mesh problems. G.Vecchi
    • "Low-frequency" issues and their relevance in antenna modeling
    • Mesh-related issues: loop-based decompositions (and limitations)
    • Source modeling: variational source modelling
  • Fast methods. A. Freni
    • Overview of fast methods
    • Fast multipole method (FMM)
    • Conjugate Gradient FFT (CG-FFT)
    • Adaptive integral method (AIM)
  • Multi-resolution methods. R. Loison, G. Vecchi
    • Introduction to multiresolution analysis
    • Multiresolution and MoM for the fast computation of printed antennas
    • MR-MoM for 3D structures
Attendees willing to participate actively in practical sessions are asked to come equipped with a laptop; a WiFi connection card is preferred
Please notify us (email) before Sept. 5 if you plan to bring a laptop, and whether you have a  WiFi card
Location: POLITO - Torino, Italy
Date: 19/09/2005 - 23/09/2005
Contact Person: Giuseppe Vecchi
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