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Microwave and millimeter wave antenna design

The course is divided into two main parts. The first one is devoted to the general description and design of microstrip antennas used in microwave and millimeter wave bands. The second part addresses more specifically the millimeter wave antennas and their design.

The short table of contents of the course is as follows :

  • 1st part - printed antennas and arrays (UMLV): Printed antenna basis (main features, technology, physical models and characteristics, parametric study, fundamental limitations), advanced topics (patch geometries, antenna feeds, circularly polarized antennas, numerical modelling and common CAD softwares, non resonant microstrip antennas, small antennas for mobile systems, active antennas), microstrip arrays (mutual coupling, array architectures and feedings, wideband array techniques, circularly polarized arrays, conformal arrays, ...)
  • 2nd part - mm-wave antennas (IETR): main features (advantages, constraints, ...), millimeter wave domain specificities (effect of transmission media on printed antenna performance, characterisation of antennas transmission media, antenna realisation and technology, antennas metrology), families of millimeter wave antennas (printed, integrated, MEMS, EBG, GBA, leaky-wave, tapered dielectric rod, dielectric resonator, reflector, lens, horn and multi-beam antennas, slotted waveguide arrays, phased arrays, ...), main applications (civilian, military, space, automotive and medical)
Location: IETR - Rennes, France
Date: 16/05/2005 - 20/05/2005
Contact Person: Kouroch Mahdjoubi
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