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Analysis of planar and conformal antennas
This course will first cover the theoretical aspect of the analysis and design of planar and conformal antennas. The first half of the course will cover moment method analysis of microstrip patch antennas on planar grounded substrates.

The second half will cover analysis methods for antennas embedded in multilayer structures of planar, circular cylindrical and spherical types. The analysis is based on using the moment method in the spectral domain. The Green's functions of the multilayer structure are constructed numerically by division in homogeneous subregions and using equivalence principle. The latter is a general approach applicable to multi-region problems of other kinds as well. Therefore, the course also gives an introduction to how general and complex structures can be divided in subregions that can be analyzed independently and efficiently by making use of the appropriate symmetries of each subregion. The lectures will therefore include definitions of different canonical structures with certain symmetries. For large structures the uniform geometrical theory of diffraction is an appropriate method. Antennas embedded in cylindrical structures of arbitrary cross section will also be treated.

The course will throughout contain examples of practical planar and conformal antennas and discussions of their application. The main focus of the lectures will be the structuring of the field problems into manageable sub-problems and presentation of results, rather than detailed mathematics.

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     J. Mosig -
     P-S Kildal -

Location: EPFL - Lausanne, Switzerland
Date: 27/02/2006 - 03/03/2006
Contact Person: Juan Mosig
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