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Antennas Virtual Centre of Excellence (Antennas VCE) is a project supported by the Network of Excellence "Antenna Centre of Excellence - ACE" (see in the frame of the EU Sixth Framework programme.
Antennas VCE aims at becoming the Internet backbone for the Antennas Scientific Community, composed by researchers from Universities, Research Centres, Industries, etc. actually involved in antennas technology development and application.
Antennas VCE is designed to provide a set of added value services to this Community by establishing a single point to share information across the entire research-manufacturing-users chain.

Latest News
Advanced Short Course on Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR): Fundamentals and Applications: 21/03/2006
University of Granada, Spain, 25-26 Jan. 2007.

The course will provide up-to-date information on recent challenges in GPR technology and applications. Specific topics include Electromagnetic and GPR fundamentals, numerical simulations, subsurface imaging, as well as landmine, geophysical and archaeological applications. The course is addressed to advanced (postgraduate) students, PhD students and GPR users with a technical background.

The course brochure is available here.

ACE Workshop on Intellectual Property in Antennas: Protecting and exploiting antenna technologies: 13/10/2005

 The scope of this workshop is to link the world of scientific literature and that of the IP protection, and to make aware the antenna ...   read more

ACE at PIMRC 2005: 08/09/2005

ACE invited experts Profs. Paulraj and Winters will attend the upcoming PIMRC conference (Sept 11-14, Berlin). ACE is ...   read more

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